6 Smoke-Free Ways to Consume Cannabis

6 Smoke-Free Ways to Consume CannabisThink back to the first time you smoked cannabis. You probably recall the burning throat, the uncoordinated attempts to use a carb, the inability to gauge how long to pull the smoke… Ah yes, those were the days. But the memories of yesteryear for you veterans are very alive and real for those just now jumping on the cannabis bandwagon.

Not everyone likes to smoke, and those with compromised lung health may not even have the option. The stigmatized image of smoking might be the only thing stopping some people from trying cannabis, even if they live in a state with legal marijuana (maybe you can see your mom taking a bong rip, but I sure can’t).

Luckily, there are a variety of alternative consumption methods you or your loved ones may not be aware of, so if you’re looking for a more health-conscious route to cannabis, consider this list your guide to a smoke-free experience.   Lees meer…